do you see the space between us
it is barely a hand, a breath, a word.
it is mountains and oceans.
it is either and or, both and neither
it is what we do forget.
all hanging on the nail of fear.

my dream´s broken jaw





When we look back over the last couple of years there has been one constant and one artist that has set the bar for the rest Jaybo Monk. Jaybo Monk is an originator and founding figure of what could be termed figurative deconstructionist work. Working with pieces of  the figure, pieces of geometry and multiple mediums from charcoal, Tar, Spray paint and now Oil Jaybo builds with contrast. The artist has been ahead of the curve, as many of today’s rising young artists are adopting a similar aesthetic, before everyone there was Jaybo and he will always be there. An artist that doesn’t follow trends yet somehow he tends to make them. We want to bring to light the pioneer and give him his respects. An artist who’s visual contrasts, conceptual installations have continued to showcase the mind of a poet who writes with more than words. Jaybo has been working in the studio and experimenting with yet another medium the added tradition of oils, yet contrasted against other mediums creates a conversation about more than just paint. It is the idea that contemporary can be mixed with tradition to create something new a hybrid vision of today’s society. It is with Jaybo’s newest exhibition “The Space Between” at Kallenbach Gallery in Amsterdam that Jaybo allows you into this conversation. We were able to get a preview of some of the work to share with you and hope that you don’t miss this opportunity to see his work in person if you have not had the chance yet. Show Opens Nov 7th running till the 29th.


Kallenbach Gallery

Pazzanistraat 9-11 (at Westergasterrein)
1014 DB Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Gallery director – Nanna Kassenaar
Tel: +31619640174

opening hours
Wednesday-Friday 12.00 – 17.30
Sunday 12.00 – 17.30
Viewings by appointment are possible.