Sambre finished this recent installation in association with Le Mur XIII at the Port de la Gare in Paris. It seems that Sambre‘s insitu installations are starting to show themselves in his outdoor work as well. After one of the most amazing installations at the Les bain Douches this summer he takes to working in wood and sculpture once again. This time as part of the Le Mur XII wall in the 13th district of Paris Sambre chooses instead of painting to install a sculptural relief of sorts. The artist builds on top of a previous mural a wooden wall that protrudes from the wall pushing the surface forward outside the plane. This added dimension not only engages the viewer directly but also creates a texture of found wood. The artist finishes with a chiseled signature leaving a permanent mark not easily buffed. An all around excellent example of an artist stepping forward with new ideas and concepts, yet still working with the confines of his medium.