Demsky333 & Felipe Pantone opened a 2 man exhibition earlier this month at WeareVoid Gallery in Amsterdam. The show titled “Hexahedron Exponential” reflects upon the idea of the exponential nature of their outdoor work being confined into the space of a cube or gallery. This is an interesting take on an issue many of the graffiti artists face when tackling work that will hold a small space and scale compared to the streets they would usually exist in. By breaking the environment or Galaxy in the artists work down into the most minuscule of its existence they make a metaphor for the artwork being exhibited. This is a fresh spin on this age old question and the work is phenomenal. Pantone’s precision and execution is second to none very strong work in this exhibition. Demsky333 also produces a new series of sculptural relief paintings that mimic the artists geometric letter pieces. All around an excellent showing that showcases both artists skill as well as conceptual execution. Look out for both these artists by the look of this exhibition both are on a path for big things. Luckily Velvet Liga was able to take obtain some pictures from the exhibit on their blog, we share and credit them for the images. If you are in Amsterdam take the time to see this exhibit you wont be sorry.


“The hexahedron as the last refuge of the rapid art. An exponential transgression of spaces that finally lead us into the white cube, as a last resort right after a street, a neighborhood, a city, a country, a continent and the cosmos, to go back again to the gallery. A sort of similarity between an atom and a galaxy.

We are distilling a kind of ultra-rapid full-motion art, product of the circumstances sometimes, and always result of the times, being consistent with it. In the hexahedron, we will only be able to present our most refined repertoire, inevitably full of the speed of the streets and the cosmos, because the former is in the latter, like the immense universe is composed of minuscule atoms.” Felipe Pantone and Demsky333