Sat One painted this intense new Mural curated by Drawaline The piece titled “TI:ME” was painted as part of project in Rockenburg Germany. The mural painted on a Prison wall, thus the reference to Time being an valid subject for the piece. Yet another impressive piece from Sat One who continues to produce some of the most beautiful and conceptually driven pieces today. Below is a detailed explanation of the piece.



Based on the basic shape of a Moebius strip, SatOne´s work TI:ME explores the concept of time and how we perceive it.
In the painting, time is visualized by a red line that flows and achieves different shapes according to the obstacles or circumstances (in life) encountered on its way along the infinity loop.

The idea of time as an endless cycle is underlined by a symbolic sunset focusing on the routine or even repetition of peoples daily habits/actions.
Time has many facets and it is difficult to nail down to just one phenomenon or idea. Sometimes it slows down, regardless of how fast it goes by for others, but it also can be experienced as imprisoning, often by memories that keep us trapped behind imaginary bars.
The mural was painted at the Rockenberg prison near Frankfurt and due its particular location the “strip” also draws a virtual wall, a parallel between inmates and those who live freely outside, but keeping in mind that every person, depending of their situation, experiences time differently.

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