Borondo finished yet another monumental mural titled “Piedad”. The mural measures 130 ft representing 2 figures in a moment of embrace and Kiss. Borondo utilizes only a brush and roller with extension poll to paint these beautifully rendered figures. Working in flesh tone and earthy palette the artist paints loose yet is able to capture the likeness perfectly. The painterly images are composed of figures and at first might be seen as a direct representation of only an image, yet as you look longer the image is able to bring reflection of a sublime nature. These beautiful figures in embrace are more poetic than aesthetic, it is in the resonance of the image that Borondo is able to capture this moment. The scale and surface lends to the reality of the image. A concrete image painted imperfect yet perfectly.


“The work is called Piedad, an it’s a 130 ft wall painting made for MAAM which is a conceptual museum created by an anthropologist (Giorgio de Finis) in an occupied old factory inhabited by various etnies families called Metropoliz.”

PIEDAD, Borondo 2013 / Detail
Wallpainting for MAAM, Rome – ITALY
by 999Contemporary & Metropoliz
with The Blind Eye Factory and
Photo by The Blind Eye Factory