Zeser a well know Los Angeles Graffiti artist has established his work in the streets of Los Angeles for the past 2 decades. A talented artist who is known for his aggressive spots that he has been able to paint, as well as his loose and sometimes brushstroke style. As many of the artists in our culture who move into a gallery setting it is important to be able to first gauge their history when viewing their work. Zeser from the world famous MSK crew has established his signature on the streets for decades, yet you could always see in his aesthetic and hand their was more to be seen. His gestural hand styles and loose brushstrokes used on the street were already progressive in nature before the gallery. He has always been an artist that you knew could make the transition to a gallery because the beauty has always been there in his work. The aggressive movements and monochromatic palette lend to a comparison of Franz Kline. Meaning, in the breathe of this aesthetic if Kline were ever able to climb billboards and freeway sign risking death, and then being able to establish that beautiful mark Kline could be compared to Zeser. This bring us to Zeser’s first solo exhibition curated and exhibited at Known Gallery Los Angeles. With “Bottom Line” you are able to contemplate the same brushstrokes and gestural marks you might have seen on rooftops, now on a canvas or work of paper. The energy is present more than ever in his studio work, and the aggressive beauty of the artists hand is one of a kind. From these detail preview images we were able to get from the gallery we can see a deep dialogue taking place on the canvases through layers and pigment. A conversation with new and old mediums, yet always the aura of the streets Zeser learned to paint on. We strongly suggest you take the time to see this exhibition and support a real writer transition and share his art with the world.




Opening reception: October 5, 2013 | 8 – 11p
Show runs: October 5 – 19, 2013

Known Gallery
441 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036