2501 has traveled to Brasil to team up with the talented Ozmo for a 2 man exhibition to be held at the Tag Gallery in San Paolo. The show titled “Branco e Preto” (Black and White) will feature new paintings from each artist as well as 3 murals and kinetic sculptures. With a black and white palette and theme the artist set out to explore and contemplate sacred iconography. Symbols of alchemy and Buddhist themes are used to create a present body of work that engages these lost ancient traditions. We are looking forward to seeing the final images from the exhibition. More information is below.



Preto e Branco

Sao Paulo, October 2nd, 2013 – Tag Gallery, a branch of Tag and Juice store specialized in Arts, opens today, from 6pm to 9pm, “Preto e Branco” (Black and White), exhibition from two of the most currently important street art Italians: 2501 (Jacopo Ceccarelli) and Ozmo (Gionata Gesi). The expo takes places up to January 18th, 2014. Tag Gallery (rua Goncalo alfonso 99 San Paolo Brasil)

Due to relation between the colors, which name the expo, “Preto e Branco” reveals a symbiosis of different languages coming from the peculiarities of each particular creative world – the abstract forms and the tendency to use the lines of 2501 as well as the realistic traces and the strong presence of religious figures of Ozmo. Besides paintings will be exposed in canvas and hanging on Tag Gallery walls, the exhibition also brings a four-handed sculpture, from which comes the concrete evidence of the merge between each artistic references.