Here is a recap of 108‘s recent solo exhibition as well as some murals that the artist painted while in France for the exhibition. The show “The Manipulation of Form” opened last week as in France as part of the Bien Urbain Festival. “The Manipulation of Form” proved to be another excellent exhibition with a wide range of works from the artist. With this exhibition 108 again showcases his understanding of creating an image. His paintings at first minimal provoke a deeper contemplation. There is a poetry in the presence of his works. He was also able to print a special print for the exhibition. Capping the exhibition with 2 murals the artist was able to complete the circle from outside in.


“The manipulation of form,” exhibition of the artist “108” (drawings and paintings) proposed under BIEN URBAIN 2013.

PLACE> SPACE 13-15 | 13-15 RUE DE LA PRÉFECTURE Besançon (France)
DATES> OPENING Thurs September 12 | 18H with DJ set from Eric SURMONT – Dig or Die, Winterlong Gallery – Niort-music selection around the abstract work of 108 of the drone nu disco.

108 (IT)
Work 108 is spent in 15 years of a traditional graffiti abstract shapes, yellow and black colored and finally, all of which contain organic roots. The misty and dark ambiance of his paintings also shines in his music, films and sculptures.