Jurne will opening his first ever solo exhibition in San Francisco at 1am Gallery this Friday. The show titled “Diversion” will include an impressive new body of work. Working in hand-cut wood and paper décollage the artist creates intricate letter based works. The attention to detail and amount of hours put into each piece is a task in itself, yet it is this determination and the will of doing things right that defines Jurne. Never compromising his work for speed and the quick techniques of technology Jurne hand-cuts his pieces empowering the work with his hand. There will also be a series of mix media works that the artist has established as a way to acknowledge the artists refuge in underground tunnels and labyrinths of the east bay tunnel network. The artist as well as fellow collaboration Lea Bruno have found a sanctuary and “Diversion” from the cities above that seek to eradicate and paint over any signs of graffiti. In the world of the creek system Jurne is able to paint murals and graffiti without the constant fight against the buff. These paintings are left to be found for future generations of artists preserving a culture under constant attack on the streets. These mix media pieces cross the reality of being a graffiti artist within the space of a gallery. It is impossible to bring those personal experiences with you into a gallery, yet Jurne does the second best thing through his new series of work. Amazing exhibit that we strongly encourage everyone to attend.



First Amendment

Opening Friday, September 20th, 6:30-9:30pm, 21+

1AM is pleased to present, “Diversion”, a solo show of text-based graphic works by JURNE, an Oakland-based graffiti artist. The show opens Friday, September 20th, from 6:30-9:30pm. “Diversion” will showcase Bay Area-themed works including hand-cut wood and paper décollage that blend abstract compositions of text and geometric patterns. “Diversion” will also feature mixed media reinterpretations of East Bay creek tunnel topographical maps. Richly colored gouache and ink compositions layered upon hand-drawn city maps illustrate JURNE’s home-turf and artistic refuge.

In “Diversion,” JURNE reveals the unseen topography of the East Bay creek tunnel network. The underground infrastructure provides JURNE an expansive canvas free of restriction. Tucked away beneath the city, his work thrives in a time when the process of gentrification and public works crews rid cities of graffiti “spots”. “Diversion” pays homage to this artistic refuge and promotes the preservation of graffiti art.

“Diversion” also features a collaborative series between JURNE and the photographer, Lea Bruno. Together they have created an aesthetic dialogue that merges their mediums and pushes the boundaries of conventional photography. JURNE has provided hand-made elements that Lea Bruno has re-interpreted into complex, layered photographs on film. Viewers are challenged to understand how these dynamic images were made without the use of digital manipulation.

JURNE is a graffiti and fine artist whose works have been showcased and recognized internationally. With roots in the Northeast United States, he developed his signature text-based style with the East Coast city streets as his backdrop. JURNE has burst through the Bay Area street art scene with his clean and refined letter styles.