Moneyless will be exhibiting a new body of work in his first solo exhibition of 2013 in the city of Rome with 999 Contemporary. The titled of the exhibition “ALEA IACTA EST” is Latin for Let the Die be cast. The term was was originally used by Caesar as he crossed the point of no return in a civil war against Rome. Moneyless certainly has passed a similar point of no return and what he has put in motion is now inevitable. Moving only forward Moneyless pushes his work to new levels with his new exhibition. The new body of work looks amazing Moneyless has built a style upon his signature forms yet in “ALEA IACTA EST” he build deeper visual experiences with texture and color. These added references to natural occurrence are a sharp contrast to the controlled marks of Moneyless. With new works on paper and wood moneyless stays grounded in natural elements always the small references to natures influence on the artist. There will also be a book released at the exhibition so make sure you make the trip in person to get a copy not sure if they will be available online. Again respect to one of today’s rising contemporaries we look forward to seeing the final installation.




September 21 – October 20 2013
Curated by Gianluca Marziani
Adjunt curator: Stefano S. Antonelli
Cuartorial research assistant: Federica Maiucci, Giada Guria, Claudia Grasso

Opening reception september 21 – 19.00
999Contemporary, via Alessandro Volta 48
Testaccio, Roma – ITALY