Street Art Communication Festival kicked things off with an amazing Mural Poland’s Chazme and Robert “Tone” Proch. The collaborative mural is will be followed up by other artist throughout the week as well as more scheduled events. I am still at awe when I see these artists create massive murals that so closely resemble their collage and paintings. The scale does not create a problem for this duo. Chazme who usually works in a collage painterly style seamlessly translates this to the wall. Proch also creates impressive figurative elements to the overall composition. This wall is another example of just how far today’s artist’s have progressed.


Pictures courtesy Street Art Communication

“The global gallery of contemporary muralizmu this year will also include four original works of Kosice. Under the auspices of tireless civic associations Street Art Communication (you know the TV) will be the end of August in Kosice greats current form muralizmu from Poland, Chile and France. Although the festival is a central consideration given particularly susceptible to quenching aesthetics of public space (Week of Polish current muralizmu), civic organization or association is not unaware people of good taste under one diskogu─żou, podium roof or canvas (film screenings in public spaces, music, opening and others …). Mindful of the boundless versatility word festival, therefore, the calendar date of the 19th-25th August 2013 to Put capitals this year’s peak season SAC2013 street art cinema.”