Steve More will be exhibiting new work this week in the Netherlands Unruly Gallery. The solo exhibition titled “Subtraction” will focus on his recent concrete series of work. The syntax series is a ongoing series of work that engage the viewer not only visually but also conceptually. Through the use of materials, texture and paint Steve More engages the viewer with a deeper image that pulls you into the cracks of the work. The initial image invites you in with a geometric and digital form, as you come closer you see the reality of this form that is deeper than first expected. It is this use of image and material that makes Steve More’s work so interesting. We strongly suggest you take the time to view the work if you are close to Amsterdam.



Unruly Gallery and Klerkx Art Agency are proud to present ‘Subtraction’, Steve More’s first solo show in The Netherlands.

More started out as a graffiti artist in the eighties which explains his understanding of environment and used materials. Since 2005 he has concentrated on studio based abstract work, as well as collaborating on large-scale environmental projects with the collective Agents of Change. Having spent 7 years in New Zealand, he recently returned to Europe, where he now lives and works between London and Edinburgh.

As stated on his website: “Steve More is influenced by our shift in attitude towards time and place in the digital age. He observes a world where the hyper real has become the norm and a lifetime’s work can be viewed, consumed and discarded in seconds. To explore the relationship between man and computer he incorporates elements from both the physical and digital world.” This unique combination of abstract, street, digital and the natural world makes him a significant pioneer in the crossover between the physical and digital.

For his show at Unruly Steve More will present new works as part of his ongoing ‘Syntax Series’ and a selection of his latest concrete works.