108 exhibited new work based on a recent project LARVA. The exhibition titled “LAVA” took place at Ritmo in Catania Italy. The new exhibition focused on works on paper and included a mural installation. The new work is the first time you can actually interpret any representation in the work of 108. Normally obscure enigmatic forms are left to be interpreted as abstract and sublime form. With this new series inspired by photographic volcanic landscapes you are able to to have more of a reference when viewing his work. The reference still is not a direct representation, if anything it deepens the contemplation of 108’s work. Great show and excellent curating on the subject matter. Also bonus wall painted during his stay in Catania.


“The exhibition presents a summary of the artist’s research through medium and small format works on paper, a wallpainting, a video and audio tracks from his project entitled LARVA. The idea comes from the association between the natural organic shapes of 108 and Etna’s extreme lava landscapes. This identification reveals itself as the primitive encounter between the mysterious and symbolic abstract matter of the black mass and the physical, rocky scenery of the volcano. The projects ends with a limited edition publication that complements the topic of the research.”

Independent Cultural Center

Via grotte bianche 62
95129 Catania Italy