Here is a set of pictures from Kenor’s recent solo exhibition “Ritmo” that opening this weekend at Artifex Gallery in Belgium. The new body of work references the construction and deconstruction of form through sound and is inspired by the group Autechre. Kenor’s work explodes and contracts, color is dark and light. This is a must see exhibit if you are in Belgium as Kenor’s work is best scene in person to get the impact of the precision involved.


”RITMO” is the construction of movement and form through the sound. And its also the opposite, the deconstruction of the through polyrhythm, concept that leads us to separation and fragmentation of form. The rhythm of this core, is the music of the album ”Chiastic Slide” of AUTECHRE. I want to paint the sound of their different developmental stages growth or decline. An abstract sound that constantly changes and where there is no through small elements that construct the shape of the pattern. Depending on the type of sound in every moment it evolves in one direction or another.

Vernissage: 29 JUNE at 19h
Exhibition: from 30 JUNE till 21 JULY

Do & Vrij van 18u tem 20u
Za & zo van 13u tem 18u

Oude Koornmarkt 53
2000 Antwerpen