Lek and Romi have been in residence for awhile working on new projects. One of these projects was this new installation at Bussy St Martin. The installation near Paris involved an outdoor portion as well as a larger indoor exhibition. Here is Romi’s explanation of the Project.

“to make this outside/inside exhibition. As we were in a park with only one wall, we decided to give up spray cans to work with other tools.I decided to make anamorphic writings as I’ve ever worked on but with something wider than before , and something on i can easily put some light if i would like to, with electricity of course.It gave me a kind of “graffiti kit” which i used several times to get ephemeral tensile installations which could not destroy the place i decide to work on… Lek has begun to work in the park too, and we mashed the kit with Lek’s abstract geometries in front of and on the only wall of the place.

Inside the place we had for the exhibition, we decided in the main space to build a painted abstract installation to have a falling effect of two wide lines on both sides where the trace of the kit would appear, like plans on one hand and lettering in the other.From a technological micro structure to an organic one , which are the topics of our styles, but which finally compose all that we have around us. As we both studied architecture, the smaller space was the opportunity to think a little bit more as ‘builders’ than writers, but to connect it to the rest of the installation by using the same tools, and parts of the kit too..We finished the proposal by using Lek’s plastic to connect the whole space to the main part of the installation, like a parasitical thing…from a very small structure to a huge one , between graffiti, sceneography, and architecture”

The exhibition did not involve any other paintings to be sold only the insitu work which seems to be a new direction lately. This is an important aspect of the work taking place right now and It is important for an artist to be able to freely build something outside the art market. Graffiti exists outside the art market in public and usually illegally. It is installations like this that embrace that notion of creating something to create it. Using a wall or abandoned area to get together with a fellow artist and truly collaborate without care of transferring the end result for money. Amazing work from Romi and Lek we applaud you.