The 3rd solo exhibition of the 4 planned for Graffuturism Paris at Openspace Gallery Paris will be Pro176. The show titled “Rocket on a battlefield” is an explosion of color and form. Rocket is an understatement, Pro176 goes to war with color in this recent body of work. With the success of Kofie and Rae Martini its Pro176’s turn to showcase new work at Openspace. The Parisian artist who also goes by the name Prophecy in Music circles has been a staple in Paris since the late eighties. Working from graffiti to his current style has been a long road and one that was influenced by the New York Legend Seen. Moving away from pure letterform and spraypaint Pro176 has evolved his style in the last 5 years focusing on color and form. Influenced by comic book aesthetics such as color palette and technique Pro176 has added his personal interpretation of them. What he terms “Astromorphisme” is a more abstract and distorted version. Instead of rendering the figures and scenes Pro176 instead abstracts the color and linework of the heroes. What you are left with is a deconstructed version of comic aesthetics mixed with that familiar flow of graffiti wildstyle. An intense body of work that we strongly suggest you take the time to see if you are in Paris.


Pro176 will be present for his opening on June, the 22th at Openspace.
‘Rocket on the Battlefield’ is deeply focus on abstraction and 3D effects,
for a show high in colors and distortions

56, rue Alexandre Dumas – 75011 Paris – FRANCE
Tél. : 00 33 9 80 66 63 94 – –

PRO176 (1976, FR)
Recognized in the music world by the name of Profecy, the artist Pro176
has steeped in the hip-hop culture since the late 80’s and has been able
to stand out very quickly on the European graffiti scene with an original
style. But it is since 2008 and his meeting with the American Seen, that he
has exchanged his spray cans for paintbrushes and draws his inspiration
from his childhood comics. He speaks of «astromorphisme» to describe
his distorted paintings, with shapes stretched so as to reach a psychedelic
abstraction of stunning colours. Now located in Valencia, Spain, Pro176 is
interested in new artistic disciplines such as ceramics.