Brian Robertson will be exhibited a whole new body of work for the first time in awhile. He has been in the studio for the past year reworking an already established style of painting. The titled “Way out on the inside” will be hosted at the newly opened Time to Shine Gallery sister gallery to Soze gallery. Robertson’s new work is detailed in execution finely executed elements are juxtaposed at times by spraypaint and impasto texture. This juxtaposition also plays into the constant movement of the compositions. The paintings can read like maps as your eyes follow a set line and move through the work versus seeing the painting as a whole. This small detail is one of the strengths of the new work, it immediately draws you into it like a person trying to solve a puzzle.


Brian Robertson “Way out on the inside”

Artist Brian Robertson is having his solo show “Way out on the inside” at our Time To Shine Gallery on the same day as Artist Pixel Pancho in Soze Gallery June 22 7-10pm 2020 E. 7th St Suite C Los Angeles CA. 90021

I made all my current work in a room with no windows under artificial light. I feel this environment has had a huge influence on the current series. These paintings are recollections of places I’ve never been and they’re the way to get back there. If that doesn’t make any sense to you, you’re not alone because it doesn’t make that much sense to me either but nevertheless rings true. My work comes from so many places and influences, its meaning or the “point” so to speak is elusive and changes or deepens for me over time. My current work is mostly intuitive in the sense that when I sketch I try to create a very basic outline of a composition that “feels” right and later, as I go through the laborious masking & painting process the piece starts to tell me more of what it would like. Then, I’m able to complete it. Lately they’ve been asking for more “space noodles.” I have built ways through “through” the paintings but the viewer is constantly pulled one way or the other and while the compositions are highly composed, they are never restive. The perspective shifts and planes merge and collide. I have come to think of the new work as representational of cerebral dwellings where ideas, problems or desires may live. The “space” these structures inhabit has been made literal with the representation of stars. However, I tend to think of the space element more of an inner, mental one full of serenity, excitement, joy, tension and solitude. It’s a space that’s cold and full of light & energy. It’s a contradiction, impossibility, a wanting and at the end of the day…it’s acrylic paint on wood.