German Version

French Version

During our recent trip to Paris for the #GraffuturismParis exhibition at Openspace Gallerie we were interviewed for the ongoing video series 5 minutes. and filmed during the opening reception. Here we share with you both versions in French and German.


„We use the word group as we don’t wish to define Graffuturism as a movement as we are a part of it. I think if it is defined as a movement it should come from outside sources. We leave it to others to label the semantics of what we are doing“ (POESIA)

„Its a surreal feeling sometimes when so many great artists you follow from afar are all together in one room appreciating each others work in real time. This is the real power of the group and what has been built. Graffuturism is an international phenomenon, one that has no home base or country. Because of this, these exhibitions are important. They allow us to meet each other shake hands, have a beer, and paint together. Each time we meet someone new, artists get to collaborate at times on walls. Things organically take shape. Paris was no exception, a trip filled with more unforgettable memories and another step on the road to our future. „