Duncan Passmore and Blo

We introduce you to these recent walls by Duncan Passmore whom we featured in a recent collaborative wall with Nelio and friends. Duncan is a Berlin based artist whose style can be described as expressionist in nature. Working in a studio environment abstract expressionism has been a staple of modernism in the past decade. What differentiates the work of Duncan is the placement of the work on walls and in abandoned areas. We are seeing more artists move towards non objective work in urban environments. Duncan Passmore is one of these hybrid painters that brings not graffiti but an art stripped of letters onto walls. It is an interesting time as we watch painters like Duncan utilize abandoned areas of decaying walls to contrast a painterly style. Duncan Passmore’s work blends into the surroundings, with soft shapes and moving color the artist is able to effectively embrace the walls he paints.


Duncan Passmore

“Figurative and portrait based compositions are built up and broken down through abstract forms. Unconscious mark making and chaos are essential elements to the work, meaning and organization reveals itself through the pieces. To remit control allows pleasure in a quickly changing and unpredictable environment.

“A land of rigorous abstraction, empty of all familiar landmarks, is certainly not easy to get around in. But it offers compensations in the form of a new freedom of movement and fresh vistas

JR Newman & E Nagel. Gödel´s Proof.