All Mural pictures courtesy of Lone Allen

El Mac opened his first Solo exhibition in some time tonight in Denmark at Galerie Wolfsen with “Street Art Star”. The exhibit featured a new body of large scale work done in his traditional spray painted technique. We were lucky enough to have a studio visit with El Mac prior to the show and witness these amazing paintings. Painted on Burlap with his usual monochromatic tones El Mac stepped these paintings up a level with his negative images. As he showed us using our iphone the negative paintings are actual perfectly rendered when viewing in invert mode. We were blown away by the detail and precision that make shows using one of the hardest caps to control, a fat cap. Overall an impressive body of new work from El Mac for this exhibition. As you know there is nothing more important than seeing not only the studio work of El Mac but his Murals are just as important. He was able to paint this massive mural in Denmark leading up to the exhibition. We were able to get a great set of pictures of the mural installation courtesy of photographer Lone Allen. El Mac shows us why he considered one of today best Muralists. We are jealous of anyone that is able to see this exhibition, it isn’t everyday El Mac opens a solo exhibition. So make sure you head there if you are in Denmark.


all Pictures courtesy of Lone Allen and Galerie Wolfsen