Lek & Sowat will be premiering a new insitu installation in Marseille France in association with Agnès B for the “This is not Music” Festival. The month long festival features concerts an art opening and so much more. Agnès B a supporter of the artists brought them to Marseille to allow them to create a site specific installation. Lek and Sowat who prefer to work in environments versus strictly on a canvas or traditional medium were allowed to occupy their own space to create this installation. The artists choose to work in abandoned areas, or the lost and forgotten areas. Agnès B was able to secure them a space that they could feel at home in. Here are some preview images and progress pictures of the installation. The installation will open tomorrow the 10th of May. See information below.



Photo Credit Gomer & Backside Gallery Marseille

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Photo: Backside Gallery, Marseille

We are pleased to invite you to the opening of the facility Lek and Sowat tomorrow, Friday, May 10 from 17:30 to “reserve Land of the Belle de Mai “. This project supported by agnès b is part of the event “This is not music “organized by Random Cabaret.

“Lek is part of the first generation of graffiti artists who made Paris his arms on the mythical land between La Chapelle and Stalingrad, where
French street culture has emerged. Sowat is a Franco-American graffiti artist that evolved in environments Marseille and Los Angeles, inspired by one of the major figures of graffiti California, Chaz Bojorquez, who developed the “Cholo writing” calligraphy born in the 1940s
and to mark the territories of Latino gangs. Lek & Sowat lead a common practice Urbex, investment places fallow steeped in history.”