Here is a preview of images from upcoming “Words Fail” a solo exhibition by Warren Lewis at Unruly Gallery. An interesting mix of sculpture, paintings, and other mediums. We were particularly impressed with the catch phrase paintings such as the one pictured above. Read the show introduction below.


Celebrity Twitter accounts and expensive watches, adverts, rap lyrics, toilet graffiti and famous brands… These are but a few things that inspire the ever-changing styles and messages created by Warren Lewis. This highly creative artist is in no way bound to any specific medium, which allows him to stay inventive and keep developing fresh ways to communicate with the public. From the website of Klerkx Art Agency: “Lewis has a natural knack for creating work that demands attention. His heavily laboured canvases are filled with popular cultural references and challenge the viewer to make connections between the seemingly unrelated content, a mechanism used in an attempt to represent the true complexity of our culture”. Klerkx Art Agency has been representing Warren Lewis since 2010. Don’t miss this new series of extraordinary paintings (small and medium sized) and be the first to see his Toilet Paper Jesus Pieces and the eye catcher of the show: Still Life: The Scrolling Painting. This is his third solo show in The Netherlands. The Cape Town born (1982) and London based artist will be present at the opening on Friday 10 May.