Saber along with Rostarr opened a new show in New York at Opera Gallery last week. Due to our travels we weren’t able to share a preview sooner, yet we were able to find some pictures of the opening. Rostarr showcased some calligraphic works utilizing patterns and forms. The repetitive characters were usually painted in one or 2 colors. Something about the pattern effect draws you to the work. Saber a legend in the graffiti community and a force in the contemporary art scene again showcases his talents in the new body of work. It is not enough to know the work of Saber one must also pay attention to his story. His story could also be the story of graffiti’s resilience to not fade into history, yet to continue to shape it. Through his work and personal mythology Saber addresses the continued fight against the buff, and its color Palomino Beige. Through time as do his paintings emerge a hidden beauty underneath the surface. Walls painted beige with the cheapest recycled paint over time erode to show resemblances of hidden master pieces. With this new body of work Saber tells this story through his use of traditional letter forms deconstructed and layered with paint. One can see the beauty in the work of Saber, yet make sure you listen to the message to truly hear the story.


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