Matt W. Moore has been one busy man, not only with his numerous design projects and Murals MWM has also been traveling to cities such as Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Athens, London, Vienna to paint a letter based series of walls. Taking a page from his history and graffiti background the artist has found his rhythm again in this new set of walls. Here is a brief statement about his recent walls. ” After taking some time away from letter based work while painting walls/murals (to explore abstraction, geometry, etc)I have returned to the core of it all with many new ideas and evolved hand-eye-coordination. My explorations have brought me to a fun place where letterformations are achieved by doubling/tripling/quadrupling and overlapping the blueprints for each letter. And losing the outline and/or inline in the traditional sense. Now using these accents in an awkward and unique way rather than the standard formula I learned in the beginning (sketch/fill/outline/inline/focefield/etc). I broke it apart and am putting it back together with new eyes”. I have always said MWM has to be one of the hardest working artists I know, this new set of walls showcases that dedication and talent.