We had a chance to stop by the Fabien Castanier Gallery and see the “Between the Lines” exhibition featuring new work from Alex “Defer” Kizu, Mist, and Smash 137. The international 3 man show featured wall mural installations as well as work on canvas. This was my first time seeing Mist and Smash 137’s work in person and we were not let down. Alex’s work is also an example of work that is best scene in person to get the deep layering and vibrancy of his work. “Between the Lines” was a well curated example of 3 artists who are making a serious push into contemporary art coming from a graffiti background. There is a well struck balance in each artists work that is able to capture this moment in their work, utilizing marks and tools of past yet wielding them with a new vision.



Exhibition by Alex Kizu, Mist & Smash137

March 30 – April 28, 2013
Opening Reception | Saturday, March 30th 7-10pm
Fabien Castanier Gallery is proud to present Between the Lines, exhibition by Alex Kizu (aka Defer), Mist and Smash137.
This exhibition will feature new work by Alex Kizu (aka Defer), Mist and Smash137.
Three artists, originating from three different countries, will exhibit work that reflects the continuing evolution of graffiti artists around the world. Each finds inspiration in the letter, transforming their individual typographical mastery into complex work that bridges their graffiti roots with contemporary abstraction.