Here are some pictures of new murals from Saner, Dem 189, and Breze for the Festival Cheminance in the city of Fleury-les-Aubrais. Saner’s mural titled “The Conquest of the New World by the Spanish Conquistadors” is a powerful mural of a native Symbolic Aztec embraced in a kiss with a Spanish Conquistador who is stabbing the Aztec in the back. It is great to see artists such as Saner take on subject matter such as history and paint it in a contemporary setting. The 2nd piece by Dem 189’s “L’Orient Express” showcases the talent of Dem to create a stirring image with letter form and representational elements. The Last piece by Breze titled “L’Inde, des maharadjas à Bollywood” is painted in a more traditional graffiti style with some new elements and characters. There are 7 other walls from the festival that you can look out for later. All around a great example of a festival curating quality murals and giving some great artists opportunities to do what they do best. Paint.


10 artists of different countries from street art painted in Fleury-les-Aubrais (France) for two weeks: Breze (France), Cekis (Chile), Dem189 (France), Kislow (Ukraine), Mono Gonzales (Chile), Natalia Rak (Poland), Russ (France) Saner (Mexico), Seth (France) and Waone (Ukraine).

Invited by Seth, They Brought art in the street, Creating a museum.