Slicer recently exhibited a new body of work in Melbourne’s Backwoods Gallery. Slicer’s new exhibition “Organized Chaos” seems to be just that, a calculated approach to exhibit work that is without intent; only intentions. With repetition and an automatist approach slicer is able to reference graffiti’s own automist tendencies. This correlation references the underlying approach to his work yet it doesn’t describe the aesthetics that it leaves in its wake. His use of color in the washes and paintings are some of our favorites from the exhibition. An all around excellent example of an artist utilizing his experience painting walls and taking the essence of it to the gallery. We strongly recommend seeing this show while it is up in Melbourne.


“A fierce new collection of work from SLICER, founding member of Melbourne’s AWOL CREW. Exploring the surrealist’s concept of automatism combined with a vandalistic approach in ‘action paintings’ on canvas, torn paper and burnt wood. The result is a powerful subconscious landscape, a psychic flash of urban texture and decay expressed in ink, paint and paper. An insight into the future of graffiti. Slicer’s work has featured in The Age Media Gallery and National Gallery of Victoria in Australia as well as at the Confluence Gallery in Paris.”