If you are in London or anywhere close make sure you attend Horfee‘s pop up Solo exhibition tonight “Horfee’s Imaginarium” presented by Topsafe. Horfee has been busy preparing for his largest exhibition to date. With successful shows throughout Europe Horfee extends his reach to London. Horfee is a prime example of an artist that does not compromise his style, the authenticity of his work is one of the artists strengths. Horfee has established himself in the streets of Paris with a large body of work on walls. The essence of his work in the street translates in his ability to take that same freedom into the gallery. By balancing the essence of graffiti with his love for vintage animation and cartoon art Horfee creates a world of his own. He was recently interviewed by Artslant about his upcoming exhibition you can read the whole interview here. Here is a quote from the artist. “It is gonna be most of my will of being free to paint whatever I want, to open [for] myself new doors of expressions, to fight all the “recipe art” that takes control of everybody’s head nowadays…Trying to be original with yourself is the hardest challenge I think, and it feels good to work with people who are independent. There’s more freedom to do whatever I want, because with no big galleries behind me, I couldn’t afford a show that really represents me, so I thought the best way at my level will be to show my fantasies, or just imagination…”