Polish artist Robert “Tone” Proch exhibited new work in Denmark at the Kirk Gallery. The solo exhibition “Time Lags” represented a large group of new paintings. A perfect blend of geometric deconstructionism with figurative elements the artist masterfully composes intense images. With this new body of work Proch shows us great depth as a painter. A contemporary palette with effective compositions “Time Lags” has to be one of the best body of work we have seen in 2013 to date. Very Impressed.


“With the upcoming show “Time lags” the artist explores “the state of passing by”. This could be events in our lives that might have ended completely differently out of pure coincidence depending on timing. The factor of not always knowing what expects us around the next corner has a certain openness and posibilities to it – but also restains that meets us in life. Time can’t be controlled since there are so many unexpected factors we can’t possibly plan for. This might be either exiting, frightening or joyful but either way we’ll never know for sure.
Life is full of opportunities and surprises.”