Here is a Kick starter that we strongly suggest you to support. Pow Wow is raising money to put out a feature film from this years event. They spent countless hours filming interviewing and documenting the events of Pow Wow. It would be a shame to see some of the interviews and footage not see the light of day. Mikey Inouye directed and ran a team of photographers that were able to capture this years memorable moments. The film crew was able to share with us some of there amazing shots. Click on this Link to donate any way you can.


Photos by Vincent Ricafort and Dallas Nagata

“Director Mikey Inouye’s goal is to make a feature length documentary. Completing a feature film will require hundreds of man-hours in additional shooting, post-production, editing, voiceover studio recording sessions, music composition and licensing, not to mention distribution costs and film festival entry fees.

Your continued support in this last week push will help spread the word of this amazing art event to millions of people around the world. Please continue to share to everyone you know!”