Victor Reyes exhibits new work at Known Gallery this weekend in a show titled “Down for You”. Here are some preview images of Reyes at work preparing for his exhibit. We have been a fan of Reyes for awhile now and can honestly say we think this is his best work to date. This new body of work progresses further along his gestural style. Moving in and out of representation Reyes is able to capture a rhythm and image in one. A matured body of work and palette that we strongly suggest you witness. You wont want to miss this exhibit.


“Down For You” is a new body of work from Victor Reyes Victor Reyes has dedicated more than half of his life to painting. Commitment is evident in his work and is a constant theme in the tradition of the graffiti movement. Dedications are hallmarks, written in tribute for the memory of those who came before us and for those who have departed. “Down for you” is a collection of paintings in oil and spray paint that conjure up an imaginary world of pigments and memories. These pictures are the building blocks of a new painting language for Victor Reyes. Classical references are deconstructed in primitive strokes to complete these anti-portraits and landscapes. The meanings derived from these pieces are multifaceted. Plain objects, stretched across color fields that combat the frame work to which they are bound and tethered, reveal the excitement of destruction. The momentum and rhythm of these movements obscure earlier marks of beauty and begin to decompose the subject into forms less recognizable.