Here are some amazing pictures of Eduardo Kobra’s recent Mural installation in Sao Paolo Brasil. The Mural was painted almost 17 stories high at an amazing 184 Feet tall. Eduardo with a group of assistants painted this tribute to famed Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. An amazing mural that captures the portrait of Niemeyer yet also brings deconstructive elements breaking into the composition. This colorful mural pays tribute yet also stands on its own as an amazing piece of art. It is interesting to watch these muralists continue to take their paintings to new heights and establish themselves amongst the landscapes of the city.


“Brazilian mural artist Eduardo Kobra and his assistants paint the side of a 56-meter high building, portraying Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer who passed away last December at the age of 104, along Paulista avenue in Sao Paulo, Brazil on January 22, 2013. Internationaly renown Kobra started to negotiate to paint the building 5 years ago and now, financially supported by the building management, Kobra paints voluntarily ahead of the commemoration of the city’s 459th anniversary next January 25.”

foto: reuters/nacho doce