Photo Florian Krause


We have appreciated the work of Does from the Loveletters Crew for awhile now. An amazing talent with a strong foundation in letter form and color. Does pushes his foundations in letter form to create intense murals. Does, almost too perfect at times is able to balance the letter form with deconstructing forms and color. With a great attention to detail and overall mastery of the spray can there aren’t many writers out there that are this well balanced. These are some of his recent and past walls photos courtesy of the artist and Florian Krause.


“Practicing his craft since 1997, DOES has developed into a multidisciplinary international artist recognized for his dazzling choice of colors, his clean style and his eye for detail.

His artwork takes root in graffiti art and the letter form is his primary love. Letters are more than just symbols to Does. He maintains that handstyles betray elements of their owners’ emotional landscapes, putting personality traits subconsciously on display.

Using letters as a foundation, Does has over the years diversified into prints, murals, drawings and canvasses. His exhibitions feature a variety of digital, aerosol, marker and acrylic works.

Does is co-founder of the LoveLetters crew, a creative collective of ten European writers, and a member of Ironlak Team Europe. Ironlak, an established Australian paint brand, sponsors 4 writers in Europe and 23 writers globally. In 2010 Ironlak produced the limited edition spray can DieciDoes, which is a reference to the shirt number Does wore as a professional soccer player.

Inspired by remarkable color combinations in daily life and experiences gained during his journeys around the globe, Does continuously strives towards innovation and perfection. Dedication and hard work characterize him as a person.”