David Bloch Gallery recently exhibited new work from Remed in a solo exhibition titled “Epiphysm”. With a wide range of work from Canvas, paper, Ceramics to Sculpture Remed showcases his talent in multiple mediums. We have always been drawn to the form and simple features of Remed’s work. Representational forms painted in geometric and organic shapes full of color. Remed has consistently made his mark on walls throughout the world living the process of creation. Moving from wall to canvas and vise versa Remed has let both disciplines influence each other creating a cross pollinated style. Working in different mediums works well for Remed as his work translates well to the object and space. All around a great show that shows us once again the range of our contemporaries.


Guillaume ALBY, aka REMED

Born in Paris December 30, 1978. I live in Madrid today.

I discovered the art of painting in an atelier in my city, Lille, in 1995. I have worked inside for a wide, exploring various technics on any kind of supports. I always enjoyed the silence and intimacy of the studio.

However, I’ve quickly felt the need to transcend the limits imposed by the framework, and I also desired to show my Art. That’s why I started to interact with my environment by pasting stickers expressing ideas, then spraying messages or witnesses which took life on the walls. Eventually I had the opportunity to paint huge surface, always in particular places, caring to keep the greatest possible awareness of the context in which my traces will evolve.

On the other side, I’ve kept creating on canvas. First playing with image and text, creating or interpreting icons, often binded to letters or words. That’s how I used to compose my canvas, as long as the ideas were being drawn, they carried in them the seed of those that will follow. Rising together, they took on a new meaning.

Today, thanks to the experience of the street that led me to synthesize my creations, and upon having sensed that the viewer doesn’t take as much time to stare at the Artpiece as I dared to imagine, I consistently simplify the result of my work. This is so the viewer can actually feel something, can be talked to without the necessity of my physical presence.

I create rhymes of colors, shapes and sounds as to express an emotion, a feeling, or the evolution of thought. I paint as you write a diary, a notebook of inventions, or philosophical novel. Every time, I make my Self inventory.
Art is for me the sincere blend of science and Soul.
I live what I feel, I paint what I live.”