Erosie recently traveled to Japan to take part in the Namura CCO Wall painting project. During the residency Erosie was able to paint 2 new walls. With the larger wall Erosie tells “the mural was actually on a tsunami / typhoon flood protection wall, and since the theme of the wall was reconstruction ( the reconstruction after the 2011 tsunami that made a huge impact on Japanese society”. Great project. All pictures courtesy of the artist.


(Wall Painting Project Zero Three)

Drawn on the embankment of the former Namura Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., Osaka, a huge mural project of 18m.

Wall painting project of former Namura Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., Osaka, which began in 2010 is the third year this year.

Greek artists of the year 2010, b. Starting with “b.friends on the wall” works by (B-dot), according Co NPO corporation of Japan, to, to hana “NAMURA 152P” in 2011 is the last year] (Japan) was produced.

Is a group of mural work spanning more than 15m in the country do not see any kind.

Cooperation with Suminoe-ku, Osaka Creative Center, this project is done as efforts to revitalize the area.

Invited Jeroen Erosie emerging artists working in the Art Village ยท NDSM the world’s largest using the former shipyard is located in the area Amsterdam node, as an artist-in-residence program, but this time the Dutch stay over a month I will do the work.