Pener recently finished this new Mural installation as part of the Galeria Urban Forms in Lodz Poland. The mural is one of many monumental murals that have been installed around Lodz as part of this ongoing project. Here are images from Pener’s contribution to the project a Large deconstructionist inspired piece in Pener’s signature style. Another great wall and also interesting project from Poland. We hope other cities are able to follow the lead of Lodz and can use examples like this to further the arts in cities.


“The basic idea of ​​the project is to create a permanent exhibition of street art in the public space of the strict city center. The exhibition will consist mainly of large paintings on the facades of buildings directly in the city center by prominent representatives of large-format paintings from around the world. In the coming years, the project has to be extended to other urban art objects, such as sculpture, installation, jewelry, etc. street.

Eventually, over several years, a population of several dozen city gallery exhibits, which can be visited on foot in a few hours. Given the location of the gallery in a public space, we want to ensure the attractiveness of the project as much as possible for all users of the city, not just those directly related to street art, and the art in general. We therefore focus on accentuating aspects of the arts, moving from conceptual projects that the majority of the public may be unreadable. We also show how the richest and diverse palette of artistic concepts by appropriate selection of artists. We do not intend to limit the creators of any imposed theme, while maintaining the standard of fundamental ethical disciplines – political – moral functioning of any society.

The project will be implemented in stages. Stage 6 is the execution of large murals by international artists who have developed their own distinctive brand noticed by the most serious art institutions in the world. We also want to create space and opportunities for the presentation of the most interesting Polish artists, so several murals throughout the project will create an elite urban art in our country.

Street art is undoubtedly one of the most powerful art movements, both in contemporary culture, and the history of art in general terms. Around the world are organized urban art festivals, reviews of the most important street artists, publishes special publications presenting examples of the work of individual artists, and the street art has been the subject of much discussion on the basis of social and sociological. However, to distinguish between environmental events graffiti subculture associated with serious hip-hop and art projects that present a complex and multi-layered piece. Large murals form a compact, multi-dimensional painting compositions, so that their customers are not only the people involved in hip-hop culture, and the aesthetics of graffiti, but a much wider group of viewers who do not have this culture closer connection.”