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Phase 2


Daniel Feral just wrote an excellent recap of a historical show “Deepspace” featuring Matta, Futura, Phase 2, and Rammellzee. You can read the full post here on 12ozprophet.com.


Obviously this show was curated to reveal the correlations between the fine art world of Matta and the street aesthetics of Futura, Rammellzee and Phase 2. The co-curators, Joseph Nahmad and Nemo Librizzi compliment each other with backgrounds in fine art and graffiti respectively. Together they have created one of the rare exhibitions that not only has an awareness of fine art history but also an understanding of graffiti, as displayed by their choices of these four seminal figures from their respective communities. A book-length catalog will be released shortly. If the excellent essay by Librizzi in the brochure is any indication of the quality of the book, then it will be well worth seeking it out to have as reference material and souvenir:

“To see their work for the first time on display beside a venerated modern master, we are compelled to consider the many striking similarities in pictorial space and aesthetic sensibility, leading us to perhaps reevaluate the caliber of their genius, against the outsider stigma imposed upon this still-new art by bigoted minds.”