Jurne exhibited in New York successfully this month at the Klughaus Gallery. A solo exhibition titled “Keys to the City” focused on the artists newest work. In “Keys to the city” Jurne continues on his exploration of abstract, calligraphy and letter form. The new work looks amazing as Jurne has added elements of decollage and added abstract elements. Jurne continues to excel in fine art enabling him to reach a new audience with his work. We were able to get some opening night pictures from the exhibition from Jurne’s site. Jurne has been working hard in the studio as of late and it shows, this is the artist’s most accomplished work to date. We also don’t see him stopping anytime soon, and expect great things in the future. This video teaser is a beautiful intro shot by the talented Lea Bruno as he is able to capture Jurne in his natural habitat, the city. We recommend you to take the time and see this show if you are in NY.


Photos courtesy of www.science-ism.com

A Film by LEA BRUNO.

Klughaus Gallery is proud to present, “Keys To The City,” a solo exhibition featuring recent works by JURNE.

Proudly supported by Ironlak.

Striking a delicate balance between contemporary abstract design, calligraphy and traditional graffiti letterform, JURNE’s artwork is a seamless combination of timeless and modern.

“Keys To The City” will showcase the acclaimed graffiti writer Jurne’s transition from large-scale exterior work to fine art. “Keys To The City” exhibits a combination of text-based décollage paintings as well as abstract geometric calligraphy compositions on found vellum Parisian maps from a 2010 trip abroad. This exhibition provides a narrative for JURNE’s approach to his work through a short film, also titled “Keys to the City.” The film is a collaborative work between JURNE and Lea Bruno, an accomplished Bay Area videographer who has worked alongside JURNE for the past few years, and created films featuring some of the world’s premier graffiti artists. This film is an exploration of the “Keys To The City” body of work, as well as a look inside JURNE’s creative approach and unique lifestyle.

For a preview catalog, please contact: info@klughaus.net

*Opening 6-10pm Saturday November 10, 2012. The exhibit will be on display through December 1, 2012.

JURNE | The Keys To The City.
Klughaus Gallery
47 Monroe Street
New York, NY 10002.