Nuart just released this interview with Saber as he explains his installation at Nuart Festival 2012. The piece titled “No Tolerance” is a powerful piece that tackles one of Saber’s favorite topics Graffiti & Politics. Saber is a important figure within our movement his ability to paint is only one of his strengths, but not the only one. His voice is loud as an advocate of the arts, graffiti, and healthcare. Saber is not afraid to tackle touchy subjects and always speaks from the heart. The interview might seem a bit harsh if you are not familiar with Saber, but it is not as harsh as the war that is being waged on the arts and our artists. By creating something beautiful then crossing it out Saber is able to bring a harsh truth to what he has experienced for almost 2 decades, the buffing and destruction of his art. In this particular case the artist takes the power from those that preach No tolerance and destroys the piece himself. There is a stark difference in this statement compared to others before him such as Dekooning, or Basquiat who have been known to destroy their art within the context of work. Saber’s act of destruction is a reality, and not a conceptual act of avante garde aesthetics. The destruction of graffiti and its eradication is big business and millions are spent to remove any trace of its existence. As Saber puts it I am painting from your future where politicians that speak of no tolerance.


Pics courtesy of Ian Cox and Nuart