Hense, Push, Tilt, Sever, and Born came together to paint some new murals in Atlanta. The project “Elevate South Broad Mural Projects” was put together to enhance a neighborhood that was in need of some love. It is great to see another city embrace today’s top contemporary painters and allow them to contribute to the cities neighborhoods. We sometimes take for granted the power of art and its ability to change not only a neighborhood’s view, but also effect the residents and businesses.This is an excellent execution by all the artists involved.


Photo Credit Nick Mickolas

“The City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs presents an artsā€place making mural project located at South Broad Street between MLK Boulevard and Mitchell Street. Artists, Hense, Tilt, Sever, Born and Push will work throughout the week of October 21 – 27 to produce murals along this long time overlooked block in downtown Atlanta.

Each mural is designed to enliven each building and in some cases, the business within.

Collectively these murals will improve the overall built environment and simultaneously solve aesthetic, economic and quality of live issues within the Atlanta community.”