She One will be featuring new work in a solo exhibition titled “Blackatelier” at Art-el Gallery in Bristol UK this Friday. The exhibition will be a bit more intimate then just paintings. She One will be working on an installation that lets you into the artist’s world. She one is an amazing painter yet he is also so much more. She One can capture a image with a photograph in the same manner he can capture a moment in a painting. The essence of the artist is in everything he does, it is a lifestyle. From furniture, collage, photography, to paint “Blackatelier” will give you a glimpse of the many layers of She One. We recommend you make the trip to Bristol get a glimpse of the show yourself.


After a decade of traveling the globe, taking in New York, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, the Gambia and many points in between, SheOne brings his signature bold expressive strokes and highly personalized abstract over-spray to Art-el Gallery in Bristol.

Opening at 6pm on the 26th October and entitled ‘Blackatelier’, the exhibition will feature a collection of brand new works and installation pieces created whilst in residency at the gallery. The work reflects on his expansive history of mark making that is deep rooted in the era of New York subway graffiti.


“I discovered graffiti as a fully formed art culture, I took the idea of spray-painting a name and have been abstracting that concept ever since.

The new works are the latest entries in an aesthetic journal, information mapped out in a stylised argot, gathered from the immediacy of site specific painting in the abandoned edges and questioning the transient nature of public art.

In graffiti you have to be prepared to walk away from your works. It is a one shot deal, whether it’s a rooftop in the Bronx or an abandoned farmhouse on a Sardinian hillside, you will never personally see the work again. What is important is committing to a moment and the experience of making the works.

This latest show captures fragments of these journeys, externalized private moments, experience translated into permanence.

Blackatelier is wherever I am working, an ambient studio where internal impulses can be realized, a sloganized output made physical with spray paint.”