Poesia just released a limited print release with 1xrun. The print St. Francis after Caravaggio will only be available another day here. Make sure you check it out before it ends. “”St Francis after Caravaggio was painted as part of a series of paintings I have been working on since late 2010. These old Master reinterpretations have evolved over the last 2 years from gestural abstract to fully rendered as this painting is. I was asked to exhibit at Anno Domini Gallery for a solo show. I figured this was the perfect time to work on the old master series for this exhibition as a whole. Other paintings I had exhibited and painted were not made as a group and always exhibited with some of my other abstract pieces. My show titled “More force than Judgement” would focus on these old master paintings. This enabled me to build a strong cohesive body of work. St Francis after Caravaggio was one of the most well received paintings in the exhibit.”