We had the chance this month to actually meet up with Conor Harrington for a studio visit, unfortunately our camera had some issues and we were unable to bring you any shots. Luckily Conor just posted this video that gives you a glimpse into the preparation for his new set of paintings “A Whole lot of Trouble for a Little bit of Win”. Being able to witness the scale and detail in Conor’s work is something that must happen to really appreciate the skill of his work. Working in the same manner as old masters yet utilizing the tools and presence of today’s scene. Conor is able to effectively juxtapose these 2 worlds and sew them seamlessly together in cohesive and breathtaking paintings. We talked to Conor about his history and path towards his new work. So many artists now days have jumped on the trend of street art and graffiti picking up a can of spray paint to add credibility to their paintings. This is not the case with Conor. It was refreshing to hear Conor’s history as a young artist starting in graffiti when he was young. He has come a long way and I dont see him stopping anytime soon. Conor might be painting monumental paintings that sell for a lot of money, yet he remains humble and respectful of the history. If these new paintings are any clue to what is to come, Conor will be leading the way for decades to come.


All photos courtesy of Ian Cox