Rook & Raven Gallery follows up an amazing exhibition with Jaybo Monk with a 2 man show from Dale Marshall & Daniel Lumbini . The exhibit titled “Coast to Coast” brings together 2 amazing painters. Gifted with intense palettes and tormenting texture, both artists are able bring a sense of disquiet within their work. Serene, yet beautiful paintings. Both working in abstracted form, yet each tackling different imagery. Dale continues his push into expressionist abstract painting, while Daniel abstracts figurative forms. Each bring an intense and intimate view into their world. Looking over the preview images it is clear that this show will deliver some very important paintings. Important is a term we use when talking about archival imagery that we feel will stand the test of time. These paintings are the real deal, and will further establish both artists as rising contemporary painters. Show opens this week make sure you are able to see these amazing new works if you are in London.


“Coast to Coast’ is a joint exhibition from two genre- defying painters working in various mixed media. Dale Marshall and Daniel Lumbini have continually pushed their individual artistic envelope, with a unified bond in both influence and artistic aspiration.

Drawing reference from the European Impressionist and American Abstract Expressionists movements, ‘Coast to Coast’ is both a biographical and metaphoric right of passage. These two distinct artists push into uncharted territory, treading new ground as each seeks to redefine their practice, crossing imagined boundaries, as well as geographical ones, in pursuit of artistic evolution.”