Poland definitely seems to be a hotspot as of late. With a core of talented artists creating some of today’s best murals Poland is making its mark on the scene. Here is a new wall from the talented Robert “Tone” Proch. This mural “Modern Man” was painted this week as part of the SCABB Festival in Turek, Poland. This wall has to be one of our favorite large scale murals painted this year. Tone’s work is able to transfer to a large scale with ease, the scale accentuates an already amazing mural. Figurative abstract, combining several elements of deconstructionism, futurism, and graffiti. It is artists like Robert Proch that are setting the tone for the next decade of writers. With a history painting graffiti, yet a new and progressive version. So much talent, we will continue to watch these international rising stars make history with each mural. This new shift in scale and scope will lead our scene into new levels of progression. Enjoy.


During last year’s festival in our town arose considerable work of art – a huge wall-like form of stained glass painting. This action will continue, so that – as indicated by the initiators of the action – to be born will be “City Gallery” large-format paintings. This time the artists will perform street art mural on the gable wall on the estate POW. This paper will refer to “climate Mehoffer”, but its subject is “Modern man, namely me.” This issue will be devoted to the theater workshops. For two weeks, the participants of the course will be – based on their skills – to prepare a performance of such a title.
Does one party Turkowska may combine elements such as culinary competitions, a sentimental return to the 80s, musical attractions, and sport competition? Of course we do, provided that the initiative to take the Association of Marina. During SCABB, 11 and 12 August will pass under the sign of the Association of Marina Family Picnic “Cooltura”.