Another amazing impromptu mural installation from France. This production permissions unknown is called ‘Espèce de Maçon’ (which could be translated by ‘God Damn Bricklayer’) and involved the Turbo Design (Hobz and Honda) and the French Kiss (Lek, Dem189, Sowat, Alëxne and Tchéko). The wall was painted in the avenue Haussmann one of the wealthiest parts of Paris. We always are amazed how cohesive these artists work, and how they are able to always put their own identities to the side for the good of the whole wall. Especially like the contrast of the architecture juxtaposed with the new mural. Great Wall.


“For the most part, the people seemed happy with what we were doing. The only thing that seemed to puzzle them was that the mural didn’t ‘mean anything’, that for the most part, it’s pure abstraction. As we’ve been doing lately, the idea was to mix a bunch of people’s styles, colour schemes and shapes rather than just writing our names.”