We had the pleasure of making the opening to Megg’s “Truth in Myth” solo exhibition at White Walls Gallery in San Francisco. Meggs had been in town the past month preparing for his solo exhibition. We had first met Meggs in Hawaii earlier this year as part of Pow Wow. He impressed with a massive mural. From walls to the gallery Meggs delivers strong imagery with colorful force. His ability to render images in the chaos of paint splatters is his strength. Meggs is able to walk the line between expressionistic painting, and amazing imagery.


Truth in Myth
July 14 – August 4, 2012

“Following from his interest in superheroes and comic book narratives, Meggs delves deeper into the subject of fantasy to explore characters and stories from older mythological tales through the morals, dualities and emotions that these superhuman characters represent.

Fusing elements of contemporary superheroes to ancient mythological beings, “Truth in Myth” is a collection of new paintings, collage, sculpture and mixed media artworks that expressively reference classic renaissance composition and contemporary pop culture.

The layered and detailed works of “Truth in Myth” serve as a continuation of the artist’s search for balance in the understanding of physical and ideological duality of self.”