We had been catching updates on Moneyless’s instagram account and other various outlets of a project that Mark Lyken and Moneyless were collaborating on. That project turned out to be “Forms & Spaces”, The collaborative project was put together by the wonderful people at Recoat Gallery Glasgow.

If you follow the site you will know that we have run features on both artists in the past, and are very familiar with their work.  It was a great surprise to see them collaborate on not only walls but environments. After looking over the pictures provided to us courtesy of photographer Mateusz Sleczka and Recoat, you can see that the results are amazing. With different styles, yet similar visions the artists cohesively have built some of the best collaborative installations this year. As the artists start with paint and chalk on a wall, they don’t stop their. Extending the plane of the work with Moneyless’s signature floating graffiti the duo creates a scene within a scene. The pair utilize their environments rich texture of chaos, and define it with structured compositions beautifully painted. We are very impressed with the scope and detail of these installations and thank Recoat Gallery for bringing these two together.



“Recoat Gallery presents a collaborative project from Italy’s Moneyless and Scotland’s Mark Lyken, creating collaborative paintings, sculptures and interventions in and around Glasgow.

The duo visited disused and abandoned spaces around the city, engaging and interacting with the sites; Moneyless’s precise lines overlaying order on Lyken’s chaotic universes. Their pieces toy with our imagination, what is an existing mark, what has been added, what is flat, what is sculptural, do these pieces show us something vast or microscopic, inner or outer worlds? The second part of the project will take place in Italy in October.”