It is curious that we don’t see more shows involving collaborations between two artists in our genre. As graffiti artists, or originating from a graffiti heritage most of us have grown used to painting in teams or in collaboration with multiple artists. It was interesting to see what would become of this exhibition featuring two of our favorite artists MWM aka Matt W. Moore and Jurne. The show titled “ALGORHYTHMS” took place at Fourthwall Project, and showcased collaborative pieces painted by both artists. The work turned out amazing, and the collaborative pieces between the two enabled each artist to work within themselves as much as each other. Sometimes we get comfortable as artists, and when fused with another artist with a completely different style. This is a true statement of attacking that comfort level. It is sometimes through another you see yourself the clearest, and with this body of work I can see both artists enhance each others strengths. Great show.


A collaborative painting series.

A new series of canvas paintings celebrating the constant interplay, symmetry, and conflicts found through juxtaposing abstract compositions with modern calligraphy. These collaborative pieces are snapshots of conversations between JURNE and MWM, cross sections of dialogue, catalogued thoughts, and discussions on content and context. A year-long discourse, in the paint form, between two prolific artists working in adjacent disciplines.

Fourth Wall Project
132 Brookline Ave.
Boston, MA 02215

On Display: May 18 – June 29, 2012