Rae Martini, one of our featured artists from “In Situ” Art Basel Miami just finished releasing his newest project, a book. Here are some pictures of the opening reception. Also watch this short video in preparation of his Book Launch. The book is titled “24 Carat Dirt“. An amazing painter Rae has been able to travel in his 20+ year career from painting trains to painting in galleries. His paintings are textured masterpieces with remnants of the streets interwoven in burnt paint and collage. We hope you support the opening and buy the book. Credit Streetart.com and the artist for pictures.



Book + Video launch: Thursday May 10 2012 – 18.30/22.00

The Don Gallery – Via Cola Montano, 15 – Milan – Italy

24 CARAT DIRT is the first editorial-video project by Rae Martini.

“At the beginning of the new Millenium Rae Martini brings together the technical experience and the adrenaline of the streets

with the conceptual reflection and the eloquence of the painted surfaces, developing a harmony of emotions and gestures

in which the mysterious symbols of his artistic incipit come back to surface in the chromatic passages of his paintings.

In this way exalting his work and proclaiming the achievement of his Art synthesis.”

Julie Kogler


In the book, the author’s fervent determination and his daily study can be summarized in an

unprecedented evolutionary path, a path that began at the end of the 80s and evolved progressively,

allowing us to perceive the evolution of the letters’ early form to the complexity of Wild Style two

decades later. This is a complex process expressed sequentially throughout the sections of the book –

the walls, trains and canvases. Moreover, this project highlights the expressive features of one of the

few authors capable of distinguishing himself on the international scene, not only for the quality and

quantity of his work, but also for his constancy, a mutable repetition in constant evolution. His style,

one that defined and refined, inevitably transformed into a lifestyle.


30×24 cm

Four-color print

208 pages

Hard cover

Damiani Editore, December 2011

Sponsored by WeSC


The 24 CARAT DIRT film project multiplies the contents of the editorial part with live painting and burning sessions shooted

at the artist’s studio, a mixture of contemporary art, poetic city-scapes and flashbacks of the earliest works of the author.

The film will be screened exclusively during the official presentation events of the project.

A 1 minute video teaser for the web will introduce the project to the public.

Directed by Sara Tajarol for VideoRize prod.

Language: English

Black and white

Format 16/9 PAL/NTSC

Edited by Sara Tajarol and Sean Martin for VideoRize prod.

Original soundtrack by The Stones.